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What we suspect is that the buildings pictured in the two photos below, from the Library of Congress collection of World War II-era photos of wartime housing in "Norfolk, Virginia," circa 1940, might be located on the western side of Sewell's Point Road, just south of Philpotts Road, at which point you can see the road (Sewall's Point Rd.?) curving slightly to the right (east) at the middle-top part of the top photo below, and that the second road -- which can only be seen in the very top right corner of the second (bottom) photo -- might be Chesapeake Boulevard, running roughly parallel to Sewall's Point Road. If this is correct, then the site at which the buildings shown are located would today be Sewell's Gardens subdivision, which would later include Dove, Quail, and Palem streets -- streets that would later be near or overlapping the location of those buildings. If this is correct, then it also should mean that to the east of Sewall's Point Road at that location Norview High School was built and Middleton Street would be nearby. And the area immediately north of the buildings and, thus, north of Philpott's Road would become the Coronado subdivision.


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