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In the process of conducting our research for the Every Square Inch of Norfolk books we are finding literally thousands of additional fascinating tidbits of information about Norfolk's geographical history, much of which may not appear in the books themselves. In order to shareHampton Roads Times Magazine some of that with our Internet visitors, we are placing in this section of some of these tidbits of Norfolk history and Norfolk geography, as we discover them (and as people send us interesting information).

Also, if you have information you'd like to share with us, we're happy to receive it, and, if appropriate, we'll place it on the site, with your permission — so feel free to contact us.

User note: Unless an item is enclosed within quotation marks, it is the chief editor's (Irwin M. Berent's) words. The sources for all information are cited herein. However, as this is a work in progress, some citations may be incomplete until this section of the website has been thoroughly edited. In addition, many of the cross-references (e.g., "See Part ZZZ") and references to illustrations (e.g., "See Fig. ZZZ") are currently incomplete.

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Lambert's Point Annexation Arguments

Norfolk and Ocean View Railroad, 1879

Langley of Lambert's Point

Fair Grounds at Campostella



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