Research for Hire:
We Will Document Your Home/Neighborhood/Business

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Research for Hire:
We Will Document Your Home/Neighborhood/Business


We are now offering a unique and invaluable service: documenting the history-geography of your home or business. We create for you a booklet about the Hampton Roads Times Magazine
      HamptonRoadsTimes.comland on which your property sits (or sat) and the chain of owners and ownership, going back at least to the 1800s (and in some cases, the very first land patent in the 1600s). Also includes plats, maps, deeds, etc.

To create this one-of-a-kind keepsake, Irwin Berent offers his keen research skills and vast expertise. Mr. Berent is the editorial director for the Every Square Inch of Norfolk books project as well as founding editor and publisher of the Hampton Roads Times. In addition to Norfolk, Virginia: Evolution of A City In Maps, he has written numerous other books (and articles) and conducted other projects on local and Civil War history. Please see his bio and contact information to discuss your project needs with him today.

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