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Fair Grounds at Campostella
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"The grounds comprise thirty acres, enclosed by a substantial board fence, eight feet in height. The land has been graded and leveled, a fine race track made, good wide roads laid off, trenches for drainage dug, etc. So far as the grounds are concerned, there is little room for adverse criticism. Entrance is afforded by three gates all on the front one at each corner, and one in the centre, opposite the main building.
          The main building, includingHampton Roads Times Magazine its two wings, is 200 feet long by 50 feet wide with 18 feet pitch to the eaves. A broad piazza runs along the entire front, but, unfortunately, there are no arrangements for elevated seats, nor, in fact, are there any seats at all. 'Stand or fall,' is to be the motto. The lower floor is lighted by forty large windows, and is well ventilated. Four rows of tables, for the exhibition of articles, run along its entire length. On each side of the tables and at the ends are aisles of sufficient width to ensure easy passage between them."
(from "Norfolk and Its Suburbs The New Fair Grounds and the Avenues Leading Thereto," Virginian-Pilot, October 20, 1872)


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