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Lambert's Point Annexation Arguments, 1905
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In a 1905 Virginian-Pilot article, an "Annexationist" presented arguments for annexing Lambert's Point:

     "…Is the opposition [to annexation] based on the welfare of Lambert's Point and its people or upon self-preservation or the preservation of political friends? We have only to search the history of the past to reflect the future of this place should we remain in the county. Hampton Roads Times Magazine
     We observe now that the board of county supervisors have suggested that the legislature be petitioned to allow them to issue bonds and increase out taxation.  Our past experience does not enthuse us over this policy.  We would prefer issuing our bonds and spending our own money in having the board of supervisors, or their appointees, perform that function for us.
     We can either have those things essential to comfort and health or we may sit still in the mud, while the officers have the comfort.
     Increased taxation has been advanced by those who oppose annexation.  We do not propose to increase taxes; certainly if at all, it will amount to very little when we consider the benefits derived.  We would not mind paying a few dollars if we can get value received, but what most of us object to is paying for that which we do not receive...." ("The Annexation of Lambert's Point," Virginian-Pilot, Feb. 21, 1905)


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