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Norfolk Deeds, Billheads, Links & More: About this Section


  his section of the website is designed to show you the kinds of research we've conducted and the kinds of discoveries we have made — and are continuing to make — in the process of compiling the mammoth Every Square Inch of Norfolk history-geography series of books.

We are also including here a vast amount of information that we have been unable to include in those books (because of the constraints of size and cost). In addition, we present here various mysteries that we've run across — namely, photographs that we need your help identifying and historical questions that we hope you can help the authors answer. And we are including links to websites containing resources relating to Norfolk-area history and geography that we have found useful.

We shall be grateful if you'll help us get the word out about the Every Square Inch of Norfolk books by letting others know about them. One very important way in which you can help us is to place a link to our home page ( on your own website. This is invaluable not only for letting your site's visitors know about our books but also — and perhaps more significantly — for helping this site to gain a higher position on the major search engines.


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