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Transportation Beyond Tanner's Creek/Lafayette River
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     Just as the streetcar's extension farther along Granby Street had spurred the development of northern-Granby Street suburbs such as Colonial Place and Riverview, the expansion of the streetcar's routes over Tanner's Creek -- along with the later development of the automobile -- would ultimately spur the development of almost every other part of Norfolk County that Hampton Roads Times Magazine
      HamptonRoadsTimes.comwould later be annexed by the city.  For while virtually none of Norfolk County had been developed beyond the Tanner's Creek for the first 250 years of the existence of Lower Norfolk County and the town/borough/city of Norfolk, the encroachment of streetcar tracks via just three points over Tanner's Creek would open up to suburbia all points north.
     At the approximate mid-way point of Tanner's Creek -- where Granby Street ended between Colonial Place and Cruser Place and the Indian Poll Drawbridge (later Granby Street Bridge) crossed northward -- the Bay Shore line of streetcars would ultimately go all the way north to Ocean View and thereby, in the process, open up for development the vast northern corridor of the newest part of Granby Street, from Belvedere and Riverpoint to Cromwell Farm, Talbot Park, Suburban Park, Wards Corner, and beyond.


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