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Index of Photos in
A Jewish History of the 20th Century

(JewishHistoryUSA Publishers, 2001)

Numbers in bold are page numbers.

p.2: Ohef Sholom's original Cumberland St. edifice, ca. 1909-22. 5: J. Crockin furniture store, Church St., ca. 1905. 6: Beth El, Cumberland St., after 1909. 9: Ohef Sholom at Freemason and Tripoli Sts., ca. 1902-06. 14: B'nai Israel, Cumberland St., ca. 1940s. 17: Samuel Streen and Sarah Streen Japha, Pine Beach pier, 1907. 20: Ads for Abe's Franklin Shop and Zion Cottage, Ocean View, Hebrew Pioneer; 1914. 22: Mikro Kodesh's original Eleventh St. edifice, ca. 1950. 25: Benjamin A. Banks, office, ca. 1911. 38-39: Amdursky's Restaurant, menu, 1920s. 40: Kahal Chasidim, Holt St., ca. 1940. 42: Rabbi Alexander Steinbach, Beth El pulpit, ca. 1925. 45: Samuel Streen's saloon on Church St., interior, Streen and Leon Salzberg, ca. 1901. 50: Virginia National Bank (formerly Church Street Bank), Church St., ca. 1930. 52: Rabbi Jacob D. Gordon. 54: Perlin's meat market, Church St., ca. 1922. 56: State Senate campaign headquarter of B.A. Banks, 1925. 59: Norfolk Talmud Torah, Harry Snyder and others, 1923. 66: National Council of Jewish Women's Holt Street Settlement House kindergarten, children playing outside, ca. 1926-27. 66B: Beth El school faculty, ca. 1929; Beth El Purim play, Sarah Cohen Furr and others, 1924. 67: Mount Sinai Hospital, operating room, possibly Louis Berlin, 1926-27. 70: Max Berent's market and grocery, interior, left to right: Max, Fannie Berent, Philip Berent, and others, 1926. 70B: Ad for I. Caplan and Son (formerly B. Richter's Department Store), 1918. 76: Ad for Yosele Rosenblatt concert, Yiddish, ca. 1925. 96: Ad for L. Snyder's, Church St., early 1930s. 97: Ad for Crockin-Levy furniture store, early 1930s. 99: Ads for Batleman's furs, Goldsticker's groceries, The Hub men's clothing, Barr's jewelers (formerly Goldberg's), Rosenberg's groceries, Beerman Optical, and Stein's clothiers, early 1930s. 105: Frolics baseball team, Portsmouth, Jake Goodman, Harry Legum, and others, ca. 1912. 111: Young Men's Hebrew Association baseball team, ca. 1915. 114: Unity Club, officers and board, after 1924. 117: Schlain's Market, Olney Rd., interior, 1928. 118: Modern Ghent Hebrew School class, in front of Maury High School, 1937. 151: Church St., south from Freemason St., exteriors of A.J. Legum Furniture store, Robinson's Hall, Amdursky's, Ford Furniture, and other stores, ca. 1941. 160: Portraits of servicemen, Marx brothers, 1917-1944. 160B: Passover at home of Alex Siegel, Wood St., 1911. 174: Dave Friedman checking truckload of food for Israel, Southern Jewish Outlook, 1949. 175: Caplan's Pharmacy, Church St., exterior, 1948. 176: Leaders of U.J.A. drive, Nat Kaye, Zea Cohen, and others, 1949. 177: Zionist Organization of America event, B. Kaminsky, Joe Hecht, and others, 1949. 181: Caplan's Pharmacy, interior, ca. 1960. 183: B. Perlin and Perlman's Kosher Market, exteriors, Church St., ca. 1945. 187: Parlor meeting, Paul Lipkin (second person seated between mirrors), Rabbi Malcolm Stern (seated, facing camera, far right) and others, 1950s. 188: Temple Emanuel cornerstone-laying ceremony, Nathan Polis and others, Virginia Beach, 1951. 189: U.J.F. Women's Division, Joyce Hofheimer Strelitz, June Goldburg Warner, and speaker, late 1950s. 190: U.J.F. officers, David Krug, Sidney Gates, and others, late 1950s. 191: Abba Eban, guest speaker, with Stanley Peck and others, early 1960s. 192: U.J.F. campaign speaker with Mickey Kramer, Arthur Kaplan, and others, early 1960s. 193: Jewish Community Center activities for the military, on Spotswood Ave., Flo Schwartz, David Hahn, and others, late 1950s; scene at party for military at Norfolk Naval Hospital, Portsmouth, late 1950s. 194: B'nai B'rith Distinguished Service Award presentation to David Friedman, with Paul Lipkin and Bertram Nusbaum, 1961. 196: Harry Golden with U.J.F. director Ephriam Spivak, 1959. 201: Tom Hofheimer, Roz Landres, and others in Israel during Mission Renewal, 1978.

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JewishHistoryUSA is pleased to announce its publication of Norfolk, Virginia: A Jewish History of the 20th Century, a 249-page history of Jewish community of Norfolk, Virginia, focusing especially on the first half of the 20th century. Written by the historian/author Irwin M. Berent, this is the only comprehensive history of Jewish Norfolk. It is filled with detailed text (see Table of Contents), numerous photos (see Index of Photographs), and an index of more than 2000 names (see Index of Proper Names).

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