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Table of Contents of
A Jewish History of the 20th Century

(JewishHistoryUSA Publishers, 2001)

Numbers in parentheses are starting page numbers.

Front coverBEGINNINGS to 1909 - (p.2) 18th and 19th centuries; (3) Berkley beginnings; (7) Norfolk Jewish population, synagogues, rabbis, (8) organizations; separate seating; Beth El school; (9) Ohef Sholom moves; (11) B'nai Israel moves; (13) cemeteries; Rabbi Benmosche; (14) Rabbi Cohen; (15) B'nai B'rith; Standard Club, Ghent Club, etc.; (17) B'rith Abraham; Hebrew Ladies Charity Society, etc.; (18) Kishineff Pogroms; immigration opposition; B'nai Israel lecture; (19) Wright Brothers; Rabbis Goldberg, Price, Heiman; Ohef Sholom minutes; Rabbi Seidel, Zionism; (20) 250th anniversary; (21) Young Ladies Hebrew Assoc.; Altamont Social Club; Christian attitudes; (23) Jefferson Society; (25) Sons of Benjamin; Rabbis Mendoza, Gordon; (26) Edward Browne and holiday school exams; (27) Major Hart; Jamestown Exposition; immigration movement; (28) Galaxy Magazine; Ohef Sholom organs, choir, controversy; (29) Va. Soc. and Pleasure Club; Workmen's Circle; Bible in the schools; (30) Ohef Sholom minutes; Forest Lawn; Ahavath Israel; Selichos; (31) Beth El Hebrew School, etc.; (32) Musical Association; (33) Beth El remodeling; (34) Charity Home; Blue Laws; (36) hospital.

1910 to 1924 - (p.38) Hebrew Grammar School; (39) Ohef Sholom Confirmation; (40) Jamestown Race Track; Councilmen and Fenchurch controversy; (41) Our Club; Delegate B.A. Banks; (43) County Jews; Beth El Cantor Weisfeld; Zionism, Jewish National Fund, Virginia Zionist Assoc., Hadassah, etc.; (46) Russian Jews and Beth El; (47) Ohef Sholom minutes; Young Men's Hebrew Assoc.; (48) YWHA; (49) Treble Cleff Choral Club; World War I, Jewish Relief, Ahavath Israel, etc.; (51) Church St. Bank; (52) Ohef Sholom burns, rebuilds; (54) Kahal Chasidim, Holt St. Shul, Fenchurch Synagogue; Friendly Inn and Police Court; (57) B'rith Sholom; Rabbi Krueger; 1919 population; Mendoza against spiritualism, Ford, KKK; (59) reviving B'nai B'rith; (60) charitable organizations and Kashruth supervision; Jewish post-war relief; (61) Mount Sinai Hospital; (63) Delegate Dr. Israel Brown; (64) Rabbi Steinbach and new Beth El Temple; B'rith Israel; Hebrew Sheltering Aid Society, Talmud Torah, Hebrew Free Loan Assoc., Community Centre.

1925 to 1929 - (p.65) Sons of Zion, Unity Club; Council of Jewish Women; population; I.O.B.S. convention; Y.W.H.A.; (66) Beth El Purim pageant, banquet, basketball; (66A) orator Rabbi Steinbach; (68) United Palestine Appeal; (73) European Jewish Relief; (74) Ohef SholomFront cover school, orthodox teachers; (75) teaching citizenship; (77) orator Rabbi Mendoza; (79) Cumberland St. Sabbath School; (80) B.A. Banks and KKK; (82) B'nai Jacob Center, Beth Abraham, 20th St. Shul; (83) Mount Sinai Hospital nurses' training, nursery; (84) Dr. Israel Brown lauded; (85) Polan Banks; Rabbi Gordon in Palestine; (86) Norfolk Community Fund; (88) Benjamin Epstein's airport; (89) Jewish life in 1929.

1930 to 1934 - (p.92) interfaith support; (94) organizations and the Jewish Messenger; (97) fraternities; (98) Holt St. Settlement House; Mount Sinai/Memorial Hospital; (99) advertisements; (101) "Young Edison," letter to Einstein, Jews in the news; (102) Rabbi Reich.

1935 to 1941 - (p.105) Zionist activities; (115) Council of Jewish Women and S.S. Quanza; (119) Jewish War Veterans; (120) National Conference of Christians and Jews; (123) death of art in Germany; (124) Brith Sholom Center; (125) Beth El Center; American Jewish Committee overview of Norfolk Jewry; (128) economic concerns; (129) B'nai B'rith; (132) becoming united; United Jewish Appeal; (133) United Jewish Fund Campaign, 1939; (137) Council of Jewish Federations; (138) Richmond Jewish Community Council; (139) subscriber lists; (140) health agencies; (142) local refugee agency; 1939 budget; Hadassah's Youth Aliyah, emergency funding; reactions to the budget; (147) 1940 UJF campaign; (148) 1941-1942 UJF campaign.

1941 to 1945 - (p.149) Naval Base Chapel; (150) housing needs, Admirals Ben Morreell and Taussig; (154) City government and anti-Semitism questions; (157) School Board chairman Wagenheim; (159) Jewish Welfare Board's USO; Ocean View Park, Virginia Beach synagogue; (160A) Lieut. Aks and ship's loss in Pacific; (162) U.S. Bonds, "Sell-A-Million" Codd, and Sutton; (167) Ohef Sholom; (168) Congressman Winder Harris and a Jewish homeland; (171) local Zionist activity.

1945 to present - 1945-1947: (pp.174-77) selected Minutes of the Executive Committee Meetings of the Norfolk Jewish Community Council; 1947: (177) Jewish Youth Council; Folks Division Raises $20,000; 1948: (178) Kaufman addresses annual meeting; (179) religious data received; 1949: Beth El cornerstone; 1950: Eddie Cantor coming; Resettlement Bureau; (180) Jewish Day Camp; (181) Jewish Community Center proposed; 1951: CAB Movies of Day Camp; 1952: J.C.C. underway; (182) Wards Corner synagogue plans; 1953: Farband sponsors theatrical caravan at Blair Jr. H.S.; B'nai B'rith features Nuremburg Trial attorney; United Orthodox Synagogue honors Rabbi Burak; Rabbis Kahn, Goldman, Shechter, Hachen; 1954: $250,000 UJF goal; ritualarium under construction; (183) Rabbi Turetsky, chaplain; 1955: tercentenary exhibit; 1956: Klein heads UJF; (184) B'nai B'rith-Gamsey Lodge merger; Abba Eban speaks; Kempsville Recreation plans; (186) JCC-JWV address on Russian mission by Newport News rabbi; 1957: Armed Services and UJF; city takes over Hebrew Cemetery ; 1958: UJF on TV; (187) new Hebrew Academy director; 1959: Harry Golden addresses Women's Div. UJF; Temple Emanuel 10th anniversary; 1961: (188) ORT affiliated with Community Council; Rabbi Silberman to deliver Mendoza Lecture; Hebrew Academy purchases site; Rabbi Schecter to Baltimore; 1962: Hillel at Norfolk William and Mary; (189) JCC 10th anniv. Purim carnival; 1963: UJF campaign leaders; B'nai Israel Talmud study group; 1964: famed tenor at B'nai Israel; Norfolk Academy campus for JCC; 1965: (190) $320,000 UJF mark; enlarged Ohef Sholom; 1966: (191) Rekonty, teacher; (192) Temple Israel's Axelrod and Cantor Smith; 1967: Strelitz elected to UJA executive; (193) Israel crisis response; United Jewish Federation becomes Community Council's new name; 1968: Poor People's March; 1969: (194) $808,000 pledged at Humphrey dinner; (195) Chaplain Rabbi Sobel; 1970: JCC nears completion; Rabbi Forman; (196) Strelitzes awarded by Natl. Conf. of Christians and Jews; Gates awarded; 1971: (197) Soviet Jewry Freedom Week; 1972: Olympic Memorial Service; 1973: (198) Israel solidarity rally; 1974: demographic study; 1975: (199) Simon receives top Israeli medal; Hebrew Academy dedication; Lefcoe awarded; rally for Israel; 1976: (200) Strelitz is national UJA chairman; UJF of Tidewater and Portsmouth Jewish Council plan consolidation; Nimitz Torah ceremony; 1978: (201) UJA mission to Israel; Panorama, Israel 30th anniv. celebration; UJA Mission Renewal.

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JewishHistoryUSA is pleased to announce its publication of Norfolk, Virginia: A Jewish History of the 20th Century, a 249-page history of Jewish community of Norfolk, Virginia, focusing especially on the first half of the 20th century. Written by the historian/author Irwin M. Berent, this is the only comprehensive history of Jewish Norfolk. It is filled with detailed text (see Table of Contents), numerous photos (see Index of Photographs), and an index of more than 2000 names (see Index of Proper Names).


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