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Jacob Abrahams and Deborah Mordecai
A Family Tree

by Irwin M. Berent

The following is a list of all the identifiable descendants of Jacob Abrahams, who married Deborah Mordecai. (For biographical information about Jacob Abrahams, see Irwin Berent's ongoing research.)

Note: None of the genealogical information here has ever appeared in Malcolm Stern's genealogical opus of family trees of Jews who settled in America before 1840 -- First American Jewish Families. However, for genealogical data on the descendants of Deborah Mordecai's great grandfather, Henriques de Lucena (, in Portugal, father of Samuel de Ribero Nunez, who was father of Esther Nunez, who was mother of Zipporah de Lyon, who married Mordecai Mordecai), which included Commodore Uriah P. Levy, the purchaser and restorer of Thomas Jefferson's Monticello, see throughout Malcolm Stern's First American Jewish Families, which may be searched and viewed using this link.

The Jacob Abrahams Family Tree

Except where otherwise noted, most of the following individuals were born in, and died in, Richmond, Virginia, and are found in cemetery records of Shockoe Hill Cemetery, Richmond, and are listed in one or more Federal Censuses for Henrico County or Richmond city, Virginia, 1790 to 1920.

1) Jacob ABRAHAMS (arrived 1771 in Anne Arundel, Md., as convict from London; died between 1810 and 1825 - daughter was orphan by May 16, 1825) married (ca.1795) Deborah MORDECAI (June 20, 1776-Feb.14, 1852, according to tombstone, Jewish Cemetery, Richmond; daughter of Mordecai Moses Mordecai, son of Mordecai of Telzh, Lithuania), sister of Esther (Mrs. Phillip Moses RUSSELL), Isaac, Philip, Samuel, and David.

1.1) Zipporah (March 25, 1809- ), as an orphan was ordered on May 16, 1825, to be hired out until age 18, married (1) (July 27, 1827, Richmond) John P. SMITH, (2) (June 3, 1834, Richmond) Henry W. MORRIS.

1.2) Simon (1795-1850), n.m.

1.3) Wilcher (1810-June 28, 1889) changed name to ABRAMS, married (Feb.6, 1838) Martha WHITLOW (1818-1856)

1.3.1) Cellela A. ABRAHAM (1839-1877) married (Nov.12, 1857) William J. GENTRY (1841-1916, son of Mary Ann Miller, 1816-1893, and Pleasant E. Gentry, 1817-1879) ?Mary Lee (1864-65) Pleasant E. (1859-1877) Mollie (1866-) married Landon C. TUCKER (1852-) Landon C., Jr. (1885-) married Mollie (b. 1890, Germany, sister of Mrs. Nelson C. [Freda] Cawthorn). Waverly (1889-) Mary A. (1861-) William J., Jr. (1868-1930) married (1) Nancy V. (1867-, formerly married to Samuel Everidge, 1881-) (2) Jenette (1862-), mother of Ernest Batkins (i.e., William's stepson) Pleasant E.[dmund] (1891-) Cellela (1893-) Charles W. (1890-) William J[ames] III (1899-)

1.3.2) Samuel (1850-Oct. 17, 1912), tinner (according to 1877 marriage record), butcher (according to 1904 marriage record), married (1) (Feb. 8, 1877) Emma E. GRANGER (1858, Hanover Co., Va. - Jan.26, 1883) (2) (July 22, 1904) Cora BRYANT (1872-) (in 1910 census) ?Martha (1880-) boy (?1881-1881)

1.3.3) Wilcher (d.July 15, 1856, age 7 months, Shockoe Cemetery)

1.3.4) Sarah G. (1843-)

1.3.5) Esther

1.3.6) Mordecai (1840-1842)

1.3.7) "Wilcher's child" (d.Aug.7, 1838, age 3 weeks, Shockoe Hill Cemetery, Richmond)

1.3.8) Deborah (1844-1854)

1.3.9) Martha (1854-) (Possibly same as Martha [died 1877], perhaps married to Horace HOVAN (1851-), who had Horace (1872-1873) and Cellela (1873-1878)

1.3.10) Jacob (1848-July 4, 1871) married (May 16, 1869) Rosa W. FAIRCLOTH (1850-Mar.11, 1923, Oakwood Cem., Rich.) Annie Lee (Apr.1870-d.El Paso, Tx.) married Albin NETHERWOOD, Sr. (Jan.4, 1863, Yorkshire, Eng.-May 24, 1915) Mary Ellen (1899-) married (1922) Francis Carter WOMACK Virginia (1908-) married Dillard BULLARD (b.New Mexico?) Dillard, Jr. James Mary Carol Albin, Jr. (Apr.29, 1894-Nov.19, 1959) married Ella Marion JONES HAMILTON James (Aug.15, 1899-July 1971) married (Sept.15, 1920) Willie Vernell HENRY (Mar.16, 1901, Manchester, Va.-Mar.1, 1971, Rich.) James, Jr. (June 24, 1921-Jan.1969) married Mary ANTONE Mary Brenda married George GIBRALL Sandra married Gary ELLENBERGER Joseph (Dec.25, 1922-Mar.1980) married Ann GARRANT Albin Cornelius (June 4, 1925-) married Jean CARTER Neal Carter Mary Beth William (Oct.24, 1927-June 4, 1949) married Gladys Marie GROSCH (daugh. of Fred William GROSCH and Betty Perl Griffith) William Jr. (June 24, 1951-) married (Oct.24, 1975) Susan RALSTON (Sept.4, 1952-), daugh. of Edward Eubank RALSTON and Marjorie KIRTLEY William Matthew (Dec.8, 1980-) Dennis Wayne (b.Dec.29) married Denise ROACH James Donna Marie (b.Aug.11) married (1?) Roger BUTT, (2?) Kevin MANN, (3?) Roger BUTT George (1905-) ?Lena Lee (1867-1867)

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